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Cheap Food In Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam on a very tight budget? Then you can only afford food that will cost a few euros’ No fancy dining or gourmet restaurants for you’ Luckily the city has a few very good options for the budget-traveller barabilligmat’wordpress /‘Here’s a few specific tips that I hope will be helpful for any traveller with a tight budget’


One of the best choices for a cash-strapped traveler is any of the prepackaged food from Albert Heijn’ Albert Heijn is a popular supermarket in Netherlands that also offer a wide variety of ready-to-eat food’ Whether it is the AH Express Tuna Sandwich or hard-to-resist Appelflappen (a kind of apple pastry), you can be guaranteed to find great deals for under Euro 5′ It’s also pretty easy to find’ Albert Heijns are located all over Amsterdam, so should be pretty easy to find one’ But if you are really desperate, check their website for exact location’ But, generally, when you are out and about, just keep an eye out for the white-on-blue AH sign’


Another good option for the hungry budget traveller is Pataat Frites’ This is not a reference to a particular eatery’ Rather, Pataat Frites is the Dutch phrase for potato chips (or as we know it, french fries)’ By far this must be the easiest meal to have when you are rushing about and on the move’ At any of the stalls scattered throughout Amsterdam, check out the sign and sure enough you will find offer of Pataat Frites’ A «meal» of Pataat Fries will always be available for under Euro 5!